Wanganui Jazz Club


Manawatu Big Band & River City Big Band

  • Date: November 4, 2018
  • Time: From 17:30
  • Location: St Johns Club, 158 Glasgow St, Wanganui
  • Venue: Manawatu Big Band & River City Big Band


Wanganui Jazz Club features ​two local community big bands at their monthly meeting at the St Johns Club, 158 Glasgow Street on Sunday 4 November. The excitement is all about Rodger Fox, as New Zealand’s Big Band maestro will lead our own River City Big Band (RCBB). And he will be playing his trombone to add his special something to the sound.
Second on the bill will be the Manawatu Jazz Club Big Swing Band. The band has survived many decades in various forms. It dates back to the late 50s playing Big Band standards of the swing and bebop era.
Big bands are important institutions in local jazz scenes all over the world. They provide a musical environment that brings together musicians from differing backgrounds and abilities. Here in Whanganui, our RCBB has music teachers, a jazz school graduate, brass band players, rock and blues musicians, students and ‘assorted other musos’ all working together to create a unique sound. The common denominator is the written arrangement, with literally thousands from which to choose. Our band meets weekly to rehearse, and is always adding new material to a wide-ranging repertoire that includes swing and popular songs featuring local vocalists. All the music is jazz or inspired by jazz.
Whether you are a jazz enthusiast or just someone out to enjoy a good night out, you are sure to hear something that will surprise and delight. The St Johns Club, new home to the Jazz Club, serves up delicious meals and provides a great stage for the musicians.
The music starts at 6:30, with doors at 5:30 for meals, snacks and full bar. General admission is $20. Members of both clubs and students pay $10. Memberships are available at the door. Come on down and enjoy an evening of musical adventure.